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Is NTM still relevant?

I inherited this environment recently, so forgive me if this is a stupid question.  Is Network Topology Mapper (NTM) still a relevant stand alone product if you also have Network Performance Monitor (NPM)?  If NPM and can poll for topology and and then include that in an Orion Map, is there any reason to run NTM seperately?  We have an SLX license for NPM, but also a license for NTM and I'm just trying to figure if there is any incentive to continue paying maintenance on NTM.  Thanks in advance.

  • SolarWinds stop developing that product a couple of years ago.  We used to have it and dropped it a couple years back.  Now with the Orion Maps most, if not all, the "NTM" information is used to create those maps.

    Not that I would tell anyone what to drop but . . .

  • I so want this product to continue. I have searched for like products, and everywhere I look, this is the most recommended dynamic mapper. My organization is purchasing a couple more licenses (2022!), and they are still charging pretty hefty price for it NOT to be continued.

  • I too have recently purchased NTM and unfortunately found that it doesn't play well with the new version of VMware.  I opened a ticket requesting the product be updated to work with the current version of VMware and was assured that the development team was working on it, though I wasn't given a timeline for availability of the update.  Fingers crossed it'll emerge from the lab soon!