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Unmanage reason (like shutdown tracker in Windows 2008)

I don't want anybody to use unmanage for no reason. Because that's what they are doing for almost every down node! And I have to ask everytime why did hey do it? Then I decided to create a custom property called "Unmanage reason" (name can be different). But because it is not mandatory they always forget (or intentionally) to fill it. So it should be impossible to unmanage a node without filling the unmanage reason at least which should pops up when anyone click the Unmanage button.

These features also should be implemented along with it.

  • There is no way to extend the unmanage time via NPM Web Console. It can be changed with SQL Query Update. But it is not flexible.
  • Unmanage date should be visible on the node details page. I can only see it via reports. (Partially implemented on NPM 10.6 Beta 2)

Also the most needed features in NPM are below (IMHO)

Please vote those ideas as well if you think you need them.