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Manage Agents Permission Separate from Administer Orion Permission

We are in the process of passing Node Management rights from our Orion Administrator (me) to other trusted staff without giving them Full Administrations Rights.  The roadblock I ran into is that non-Admin users cannot see or work with the Manage Agent tools.  This means that if the non-Admin, Node Management staff runs into a problem related to the Agent, they are going to need to engage the Admin rather than just work the issue themselves.  To me, that makes no sense.  Why should Manage Agents be an Admin only activity if a company wants it to be granted to others without them getting the whole group of Admin Rights.

I would like to see one of two changes based on this Feature Request:

  1. Create a separate "Allow Agent Management Rights" permission.
    1. I think this one would be the smartest as it allows companies to choose to include this permission with the "Allow Node Management Rights" permission or not.
  2. Allow someone with the "Allow Node Management Rights" access to use the Manage Agents page and its tools.

Your Up vote on this Feature Request will help SolarWinds Development understand that this is not something that just I would like to see.

Thanks for your time...