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Dynamic assignment of Universal Device Poller (UnDP)

A bit like rules can be made for group membership, I would like to have the availability to automagically assign UnDP based on customizable rules:


  • If Node Caption contains XX Then assign UnDP X
  • If SysOID is x.x.x.x.x then assign UnDP X
  • If sysOID is x.x.x.x.x AND node is member of group X, THEN assign x
  • When UnDP X is assigned then assign X
  • If CustomProperty X like X, then assign x

It would be nice to have that for a given UnDP or a UnDP group (ie: If condition is met, assign all pollers in a group)

That would make our lives easier and simplify the workflow. This would close the gap where we have to audit to ensure on a regular basis that we are polling all needed devices and that we are not missing any data. This arrives mostly when a new device is being added, or sometime if it's deleted and recreated...