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Update different custom properties of high number of nodes.

Hi Guys, 

we have 2000 nodes having different custom properties and based on these custom properties we plan to nake deshboard .. also is there any possibility to import cvs file. Or any SQL query to update bulk custom properties..e. having custom properties of ‘Branch Type’  , ‘Region’ and ‘City’ ..   Is we have any SQL query to update DB filed directly in one go without open and edit node???  which is surely a time consuming activity for 1500+ nodes.   Like we have Caption update query below;   UPDATE [dbo].[NodesData] SET [Caption] = 'NEW CAPTION' WHERE [IP_address] = 'OLD IP ADDRESS' 

  • You can use Manage Custom Properties to bulk export/import the custom property values via CSV/XLS.

    You'll need an identifier in the CSV/XLS to match against your nodes (the NodeID, IP address, or Caption, etc).

    1. Go to Settings -> All Settings
    2. Under Node & Group Management -> Manage Custom Properties
    3. If you already have the import list of your current nodes, skip the export and go to step 7, otherwise select one of the Nodes custom properties and click Export Values.
    4. Select the other Node custom property values you want to export, and select the file type at the bottom.
    5. Click Export
    6. Modify the values in the CSV/XLS file to whatever you want to import back in
    7. If you have the list of properties to import, click the Import Values button
      1. Click Browse to select the import file
      2. Confirm you are importing values for Nodes
      3. Click Next
    8. Use the drop downs to have at least one column as the "match" column, and the remaining will import (or you can ignore)
    9. Click Import