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Website doesn't comes up after applying orion 2020.2.6 HF5


I have a serious issue . After applying hotfix 5 on my servers everything is seems to be ok but one thing.

My main server website has an issue and doesn't comes up.

And config wizard ends with failed error on website.

When I browse website it shows this error  "Server Error in '/ Application "

I should mention this all services are up 

I tried many way to solve like this:

-Repair swis service 

-Repair job engine service 

-try to run config wizard many times

-try to rebuild website 3 time

-try to check dns resolution between solarwinds servers 

I have 6 additional pollers and 1 additional website  and funny thing is that website on additional website is ok and upgraded to last hotfix.

I don't know what to do more. 

I try to read config wizard's log and it is wired that i find a line in that log that say swis service url doesn't respond 

I have no clue what should I do now swis service is up and run on that server for sure

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  • Downgrading is more or less the same as doing a clean install.  Furthermore,  what happens when you click on repair and then doing a check again right after the repair on the permission checker.  I'm thinking it will show you that it still needs to adjust the permissions.  Also, as neomatrix pointed out, check the database for the values of Engines, OrionServers and website.  I believe I mentioned to check the websites table on my earlier replies.

    Furthermore, if you recently downloaded the hotfix, that means you are still under maintenance.  You can ask support to do the rebuild website if you already tried it numerous times.

    My guess here is that it is a permission issue on the IIS.  There is similar post with regards to this, but unfortunately, there's no confirmed answer.