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Node Reboot + Availability Report


iam trying to make report which shows Nodes Today's Reboot + Availability but SQL Query is not showing any result.

,COUNT(Nodes.LastBoot) AS [total boot count]
FROM dbo.ResponseTime
INNER JOIN dbo.Nodes
ON ResponseTime.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID
WHERE Nodes.ATM_Branches = ' atm branches'
GROUP BY Nodes.Caption

SQL Query Empty Output:

  • What ultimately would you like this report to look like? 

    If this were me, I'd be looking for a report like this:

    Caption Day Availability (%) Reboots Detected
    EAST-2821-WAN 2021-12-31 99.4421 1
    MTWACDC01v 2021-12-31 100 0
    MTWA-7371-WAAS 2022-01-01 75.3344 3

    Is this something like the data you are looking for?

    This also brings up an interesting point: What does a "reboot" mean for you?  It could mean many things (Availability goes to 0 or percent loss goes to 100 or a cold boot was detected or a reboot event was logged in the Event table).

    It would also be helpful to understand what timeframe you are looking at because right now the above query (which has some syntax and logic issues) would pull all the data in the database).

  • reboot = router get down and up in Power 

    when get down in power means its uptime get effected.

    time = always today date start from 12 AM and end at what time we execute query.

    yes need same output as yours above chart.

  • this reboot count is that correct because its counting node down event .

    nodes which is monitor by icmp is showing reboot count , how ?

    need count on router Last Boot

  • I can't add that since I don't have that custom property on my system.

    Edit the report, then click "Edit" next to the data source.

    Then scroll down the query until you find the lines which have the custom property filters.

    Configure them for your specific system.

    Note: The double-dash (--) indicates a comment.

  • Again - a "reboot" here means that your Orion server can't communicate with it.  You cannot COUNT Last Boot because it's only one field for each node (there is no historical information to count).  You need multiple fields with multiple values to count things.

    If you want to filter off ICMP nodes then add:

      -- Ignore ICMP Nodes
      AND [Downtime].Node.ObjectSubType <> 'ICMP'

    To the end of the WHERE clause.

  • dear , i think iam unable to clearly tell the reboot thing.

    When router ( node ) reboot its change it Last Boot time and same time display in Event = Node reboot at 

    i had add custom property , thanks

    Report showing reboot count difference. ( yesterday ) 6 reboot count

    Node reboot event from nms which shows node only boot single time in yesterday

  • SELECT [E].Nodes.Caption
         , [E].Nodes.DetailsUrl
         , COUNT([E].EventID) AS [Reboot Count]
         , DATETRUNC('day', [E].EventTime) AS [Day]
    FROM Orion.Events AS [E]
    WHERE [E].EventTypeProperties.Name = 'Node rebooted'
         AND [E].EventTime >= GETUTCDATE() - 14 -- In the last 14 days
    --   AND [E].Nodes.CustomProperties.<Custom Property Name> = <Custom Property Value>
    GROUP BY DATETRUNC('day', [E].EventTime)
         , [E].Nodes.Caption
         , [E].Nodes.DetailsUrl

  • above query only giving reboot count not providing availability.

  • I updated the above linked report.  Download this new and see if it meets your needs.

  • Dear KMSigma,

    your updated linked report is providing correct Node reboot count but not showing correct value of availability.

    Change period from 7 days to Today 

    availability states on NMS web

  • You can change it for your own desired timing by editing the report.

  • I had changed time from 7 days to TODAY but report is not showing correct Today's availability , as I had share report and nms web compression on availability

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