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Printer Question


I just started testing the NPM. All devices seem to have been discovered and added but I keep getting "Node is in warning or critical state" on just about every printer in the network. We have a mix of HP Laserjet Enterpise M60xx and Lexmark MS610 as well a few color Laserjets.


  • I'm also in testing mode this days. I see that by default there are a few conditions that triggers warning or critical which are not. I added 500 cameras, and all of them had a disk partition full. In this case is not critical since they don't hold video, but i can't see where to cancel this alarm for 500 camaras at once. 

  • You can remove the disks from monitoring in manage nodes so that you don't get those alerts

  • Hi. I'm trying to do this now. 

    Tried the "Edit Properties" and "Custom Property editor" while all selected with no luck. 

    I'm looking at "More Actions" and have a selections of actions to select. 

    Normally, i took a property out of monitoring listing the resources of the node, but the "List Resources" is grayed out when you mass select nodes. 

    Care to guide a bit more on this?