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Solarwinds / Cherwell

Recently it was determined that we would be moving to the Cherwell ticketing system and I see that it does contain "some" integration with Solarwinds. 

What experiences have you had regarding Cherwell with Solarwinds, and are there any tips/caveats you may have regarding the software?

We currently have a decent variety of Solarwinds Products, and it appears Cherwell to mainly work with SAM.  I'm sure I can still send an alert based on email integration to form tickets (I hope?).  Has anyone utilized that feature before, and how smoothly does it work?

Along with the Cherwell integration, we are in the process of redefining many of our procedures.  No one enjoys receiving that 2AM on-call phone call by your help desk regarding a non critical circuit that is under ISP maintenance, but how is it that your organization has handled that hurdle of when should information be escalated? 

What I am envisioning currently is to have a higher priority ticket created for those devices that require 24 hour maintenance (and the device goes down) that would provide information to the helpdesk to contact on-call if they receive that ticket.  Another option is to create a map in Network Atlas with a group regarding those nodes with a simple "green/red button" from the group.  If a critical node in the group goes down or is down for X minutes then the button goes red and they know it's of such a nature to escalate to on-call.  While that may seem very low level, I was informed to make the process as simple and easy for the staff as possible.