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Email deamon, like a syslog deamon???

Hi all,



I am trying to develop a way to take email alerts from several sources, interpret the contents and then send the email back out again as a new email alert.



Basically, I am looking for a product that will work like a the syslog daemon/forwarder.  I want to take alerts from like Oracle, SQL server and various other bespoke applications.  Normally, the text in these emails is rubbish, and the recipient is non-technical, so they have to be given a crib sheet to look for the required action.



Within Orion, for all proactive alerts, I put tons of information in, about what to do with the alert, what the node means to the over all environment, severities etc..



Of course, I would love this to be added to Orion as an add-on to the core product…  managed and used like the syslog or trap receiver.  But I know this is unlikely to happen in the near fufuturer, or ever…  so has anyone else done this, and is there a product either free, or purchased that would do this?



Basically, receive emails… read the contents, and do some action depending on the content… 




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