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Configuration Wizard stuck at importing sample maps

I have already checked the KB article for this issue and the article is only applicable for one web server.

I experienced this error on my additional web server where all permissions folder are ok, done the re-installation, i even checked the web table and only two web servers are added. So, yeah I am here maybe some from the community here also experienced this issue in NPM v12.1 and able to resolve this.

I've already open a ticket but still no luck to get a response T_T 

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  • Additional web server.

    Anyway, i'm done resolving this issue....

    I think it's a bug issue for scalability engine as I've noticed that when I tried this new feature, I encountered this stuck at importing sample maps while running the Configuration Wizard. And when I uninstalled all SolarWinds modules then, installed them individually, it resolved my issue emoticons_grin.png