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SNMP Trap & Orion NPM Integration?

Can the SNMP Trap Alerts grab information from Orion NPM custom variables assigned to the same host or are they two completely seperate tools that do not share information?


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    I'm not sure I understand the question.  Can you give an example of what you're trying to accomplish?   

  • When a SNMP Trap comes in for system A, I want to trigger an alert that sends an e-mail out and include in that e-mail some custom variables that I have for system A in Orion NPM.  For example, a cold start might be received and I might in turn send an e-mail that has the contact information for System A which is grabbed from NPM.



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    You should be able to use: ${type.<fieldName>}

    Example: ${Node.MyCustomProperty}
  •  Great!  Thanks so much!  I'll give it a try.

  • You should
    be able to use: ${type.<fieldName>}

    Example: ${Node.MyCustomProperty}

    I must be doing something wrong, as this isn't working for me.  Here is what I'm using:
    ${DateTime} : ${MESSAGETYPE}  ${MESSAGE}
    Owner: ${Node.SystemManager}
    When I receive the e-mail I'm getting:
    11/27/2007 10:08 AM : CYBERSWITCHING-MIB:cyberswitching.0.13  SNMP Trap
         Received Time:11/27/2007 10:08:40 AM
         Variable Bindings
              sysUpTime:= 131 days 11 hours 15 minutes 25.64 seconds (1135892564)
              snmpTrapOID:= CYBERSWITCHING-MIB:cyberswitching.0.13 (
              triBankTrapped:= 1
              bCurrentStr.1:= 16.4A
              bCurrentInt.1:= 16
              experimental.1057.1:= XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
              snmpTrapEnterprise:= CYBERSWITCHING-MIB:cyberswitching (

    Owner: ${Node.SystemManager}

    As you can see, it's not listing out the custom variable.

  • Great!  Thanks so much!  I'll give it a try.

    I am experiencing the same problem. Those variables seem to work only for the advanced alerting engine and don't work for basic or trap alerts.
  • There seems to be some confusion on this issue. Only advanced alerts allow you to access the custom properties and build variables dynamically. Basic alerts, syslog, and traps each have their own finite set of variables that are supported.

    To answer the original question, you can not access the custom property values from the variables in Trap service.

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    Sorry.  My bad.  I asked a question of Development without sufficient context and then posted the answer.  Our long-term plan is to consolidate the alert engine in Syslog and Traps into  the advanced alert engine, but I don't have a definite time frame on that yet.

  •  Ah, that would explain it.  I definitely would like this added to the feature request list.  I'm also interested in using advanced alerting capabilities with SNMP traps.  For example, let alerts be based on OIDs AND custom variables.


  • I know the answer os probably no but I'll try anyway.

    Is there any way to filter out the info from the trap message that you do not want and only get the necessary info? In my case with the trap alert there is too much info. A big issue is the community string is being sent,

    Would there be a workaround using advanced alerts?