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Load balancer with multiple AWEs

Straightforward question here I think....

Does SolarWinds support using a load balancer with multiple Additional Web Servers, and if so, what is the limit to the number of AWEs that can be attached to a single Orion instance?


  • not as straight forward as you might think...

    In simple fashion, yes, the app is ignorant of a LB in front.  I have 3 AWEs behind a F5 LB.

    The rub I haven't been able to work around is the authentication piece.

    i.e. when I get LB'd to srvA, I have to auth with that server.  when a request goes to srvB, I have to auth to srv B as well.

    The app doesn't have an awareness and I have not been able to get cookies to work either.  I even [though long ago] had a ticket open with F5 and had some help from them.

    Disclaimer - I'm no F5 guru and *hopefully* am wrong.  I think I've even posted on thwack but never found a solution.

    good luck and please update post if you find solution.

  • There is no limit to the number of Additional Web Servers you can use with a single instance of Orion. As for njoylif​'s issue, you would utilize Destination address affinity persistence on your F5 frontending your Additional Web Servers.

  • Thanks aLTeReGo​!

    I'll test and light it up.

  • Thanks to both alterego and njoylif for you responses. Very helpful.

    Please post back your experiences when your implementation is complete, njoylif.

  • Does anyone have recommended IIS and F5 configurations to allow load balancing to correctly?

    We are still experiencing user session timeouts when using the application through the load balancer.  We have sticky sessions turned on, but it is not working.