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NPM 2020.2 is now Generally Available!

It is my pleasure to announce that SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) version 2020.2 is now Generally Available in your customer portal.

NPM 2020.2 is the next release following NPM 2019.4 and is compatible with Orion Platform 2020.2.

What's New in NPM 2020.2?

If you've been watching NPM's public roadmap page (What We're Working on for NPM), you'll notice we're delivering many of the items we've been working on since our last release, including:

Release notes and system requirements for NPM 2020.2 and related Orion releases can be found in our latest release summary.

With the NPM 2020.2, comes some fantastic new updates & enhancements to the Orion Platform which include:

Watch the forum for updates, even if you're not able to install now. The product team will continue to release new documents detailing our deep dives of the mentioned features. If there's one you're particularly interested in, mention it in the comments!

Your Feedback Counts!

The NPM team is incredibly interested in your feedback. More importantly, your feedback shapes how we develop our products. Post your thoughts, questions, and concerns into the forum and help to make NPM a better product. If you have a particularly compelling idea, you should also consider putting in a Feature Request and encouraging others to vote on your idea.

  • Great news. Will be updating in next few weeks 

  • Thank you for the update  .

    Its Amazing:" NPM can now monitor up to one million elements per Orion platform instance, previously maximum per-instance capacity was 400k elements per instance -- Awesome update. I would really like to crea some dynamic dashboards with the latest version.

  •  For those of us upgrading from an RC release to GA, do we still need to run the script to allow the centralized upgrade from the UI?   If so, can you please post a link to that script?

  • HI jason.carrier

    We are already using the Monitoring tools /Orion dashboards in our organisation . i would like to know if you are giving support / offering 

    a feature for capturing Network packets( capturing wiredata) to analyze them  from the available hosts.

    This is something like a Deep packet inspection available for  downloads to view in wireshark for any sort of  application [ ex: SMPP,SMTP,TCP,HTTP]  which is helpful in troubleshooting.

    Like a similar feature for Extrahop Trigger to capture desired wiredata (packet query results ) and download them for troubleshooting purpose  or packet downloads in  Netscout nGeniusONE

  •  Great question. You only need to run the script if you're upgrading from NPM 2020.2 RC3 specifically using the centralized upgrade. Offline installs don't require the script. Relevant KB article here.

  • Really the only thing that was worse than our lab upgrade was our production upgrade.

    Our DBA got us out of the mess in our lab.

    First error was resolved by adding this back in: constraint pk_apm_threshold

    Dropped the index to fix this second error:

    Error while executing script- The index '_dta_index_APM_Threshold_5_1699745358__K2_K1_K4_K5_K15_K16_K17_K18_3_6_4364' is dependent on column 'ThresholdName'.
    ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN ThresholdName failed because one or more objects access this column.

    In our production system OLM-2020.2.0.17723-LogMgmtBasicInstaller.msi did not install on our 12 APE's and web servers, so we are manually removing the 2019.4 version and installing the newer version. After manually copying the new installer to the servers.

    We did a full uninstall on a poller, only to find out both the offline and online installer for 2020.2 do not work.

  •  I was away from THWACK for a little while .. was so excited to hear about the upgrade!  I have been taking time today to explore all the new features ... first time ever!!!  I really appreciate the hard work that goes into each and every product.  Thanks for making my job a little easier, and thanks to this community, a little more fun!!

  • Great, I am looking forward to test new version on my UAT servers

  • Good to see the release cadence accelerating !