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Monitoring Feature-Function Matrix (XLS)

This matrix records the features of the monitoring tools you have (or are considering) so that you can get a visual idea of which ones have the highest value, which ones may be under-utilized, where you have significant overlap of functionality, and where you have gaps.

You can use it to analyze your current environment, as a precursor to a more formal RFP process, or on a lazy Sunday afternoon when you need a mind-numbing activity with which to induce catatonia and you're all out of absinthe.

Formulas built into the sheet will color code cells to show you which are the most/least used; which ones are primary for a particular function, which have the highest ease of use, where there are gaps, etc.

The Monitoring Feature-Function Matrix is a product of Leon Adato and It is provided as free product under the GNU open source license. You are free to use, copy, and share this document. You are not free to be a jerk about it by selling it, making a metric buttload of money from it, or claiming it's your idea.