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Advanced Report Alerting - The eBook

Back in February, I wrote a series of posts on how to create a SWQL report that was more than "beginner" level but less than the equivalent of Doom's "Nightmare" mode. You can read all about it here:

But I thought it would be helpful to have all that information in one convenient downloadable place. And so today I present to you the PDF eBook version of that series. Bundled together so you can read, share, and enjoy!

  • Hi Leon,

    I've been wanting to do something similar to this on Summary pages - The [_linkfor_x] method gets somewhere but more's always better.

    I've seen some code for using a customHTML element to call the SLW API to produce the data, and then that should be able to do whatever formatting, but I'm not familiar with how present that data once you've got it.

    Do you have a method/any examples of work in that related area?

    Other than that great post, read through in ebook and forum post form, had entirely forgotten that "include HTML tags" option existed

  • I'm pretty sure KMSigma​ has some cool widget tricks up his sleeve. And thank you for the kind comments. More to come, for sure.

  • I have many tricks, but for this I would need some more details.  Feel free to DM me with details and I'll try to help as I can.