What nodes don't have their disk volumes monitored?

Re-asking this question from over 5 years ago since it did not flill my need

"A disk on one of my servers ran out of disk and no alert triggered for it. I went to the node and clicked on List Resources where I saw that the volumes were not selected. Which leads me to my question.

Is there a query I could run to list all nodes where disk volumes are not selected? I'll poke around in the database to try and figure it out but I'm hoping someone can save me some time. Thanks!"

I have no idea how many Windows Fixed Disks were added and how long ago. It seems if the GUI is able to display a Windows Fixed Disks that are unchecked. a query or report should be able to do the same. I cannot manually check multi hundreds of servers. Is there such a SQL or SWQL query or report to accomplish this?

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