MIB Browser Access for Non Admin

I have a user who is currently a non admin.  They are wanting access to Node Management specifically the MIB Browser.  Is there anyway without giving them admin access to do this?

  • Sadly no there isn't a way to achieve this.

    Rights/Permissions granularity is something that is sadly lacking in Solarwinds products. You could always add your vote to: Granular Node Management Rights. but as it hasn't had any action from Solarwinds in over 12yrs then I suspect it would be like as useful as re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic.

  • Thanks for the response.  Not what I was hoping, but what I was expecting.  

  • This has always been quite puzzling to me, I have seen such requests in the past. Firstly just by looking at the MIBs/OIDs they generally assume it can be used by SolarWinds to provide the relevant data. But that isn't the case (I am sure you are already aware of the below reasons):

    1. SolarWinds uses the best possible OIDs for that particular vendor/machine type by default and this is taken care by the tool on the backend. There could be several ways for calculating the same possible outcome like say suppose CPU Utilization - one OID might add up the cpu of all resources and another one might just pull the current overall cpu utilization and deduct it by 100.

    2. Even though they see the OID from MIB browser it doesn't mean we can use that to pull the stats - the only way to do this is by adding a undp poller / custom poller and again creating alerts for undp pollers is another overhead.

    3. After looking at the OID, the user will come back with another question - how does SolarWinds calculate this which OID does it use, when we do a normal snmp walk using this OID we see a different value from what SolarWinds is showcasing - for us to identify these things we will need to look at it from Poller Checker or we will need to take help from SolarWinds to understand what OID's are used to calculate for a certain value or look at KB, articles etc.. 

    4. MIB browser is a great idea but then when you pass it onto to non admins or folks who come from a different background like say suppose network engineers or if they have worked on different tools they would be thinking of MIBs or OIDs from their perspective, ideally your SolarWinds admin would be the best person to respond back to their queries on a specific issue rather than them looking into MIBs and OIDs. We will need to make them understand and we don't feed in MIBs or OIDs to SolarWinds rather it uses the best possible OID that is available in its MIB repository.