vrf named mgmt-intf was removed

Trying to track down what happened in an event. We had multiple nodes all go offline at the same time and had an event that says vrf named mgmt-intf was removed. the nodes were actually up. However, hours later they all came back with vrf named mgmt-intf was added. 

Is this the result of the polling re gaining access to the nodes or is that visibility lost a direct reflection from vrf named mgmt-intf being removed?

  • As you've had no response I suggest raising a ticket with support.

    I've seen some bizarre audit events** that Solarwinds generates and it could just be one of those rather than being anything o note...

    ** for eg - discovered an entry in our longs the other day that look like this:

    Turns out, all that means is the user clicked on a group name! I mean why audit that, let alone in such an obscure manner.