Onboarding Android Tablets

Hi, is it possible to onboard Samsung Android Tablets and monitor the apps usage? For example, if there is an issue on the app or the Android OS itself, we want to receive such alerts so that our users can check on it. 

  • Without getting into some pretty complicated hacks, the short answer is no.  Android doesnt use the protocols that NPM uses such as SNMP and WMI and their security model makes it pretty hard to just collect system level stats from a phone or tablet or whatever unless they are rooted and allow for things to run outside the usual sandbox, which is considered to be a big security risk.  An app knows about itself so tools that monitor them usually need to be built directly into the app by the devs who are writing it.  Platforms that sell android and iphone app monitoring work that way, you buy it and get your devs to add the relevant hooks directly to their code and then release it to your users and it will be able to collect things like crash statistics and resource metrics.

    If you are trying to monitor off the shelf software that you are buying from someone else instead of something your devs built then you are basically out of luck unless that vendor is willing to share some piece of their internal monitoring tools with you.