Switch Stack Poller "Not a match" For Certain Stacked Cisco Nodes?


I ran a SWQL to report on 3850/9300/9500 nodes that are showing the switch stack member count as NULL:

select i.nodename as [Hostname], i.ip as [Device IP], i.MachineType as [Model], i.StatusDescription as [Current Status],  i.SwitchStack.MemberCount

from orion.nodes i

where i.UnManaged='False' 
and (i.MachineType like '%9300%' or i.MachineType like '%38xx%' or i.MachineType like '%9500%')
and i.SwitchStack.MemberCount is NULL

order by i.NodeName

I then went over to settings -> all settings -> manage pollers -> Switch Stack -> Assign, and searched for the above results. All of them are showing as "Not a match".

It's possible some of these nodes were initially imported into SolarWinds as non-stackable nodes, and then replaced with one of the above Cisco models with the same polling IP.

Does anyone have any feedback as far as how to allow SolarWinds to recognize these nodes as being a match so that I can appropriately enable the poller?


  • I believe doing a list resources against those nodes would give you the option to enable it on them.  I just checked my environment and for the OOTB pollers I don't see a way to bulk scan, but its also possible that running a discovery against all of them might do the job for you as well. 

    For custom defined/community sourced pollers there is a button on the screen where you can just force a scan right from that assign screen, doesnt make sense to me why you wouldnt have the same option for the OOTB ones, but as best I can tell thats how it is.

  • Thanks for the quick response. What exactly am I looking for within list resources? For the one node I am testing with, both Hardware Health Sensors, Topology: Layer 2 & 3 are already checked.

    I compared the list resources against an identical model. The only difference was that under CPU & Memory, it was selected as Cisco ASR instead of CPU & Memory by SolarWinds. The poller still isn't available, but I will update in an hour or so.

  • Just pick one of these devices (I mean a Switch Stack), can you delete and add this device again in SolarWinds and then try ?

    I have seen such cases in the past where a Switch is converted into a Stack Switch or vice versa rediscovery as well doesnt help much. 

    The best one would be the one that you described, probably it was later made a stack switch but was residing in SolarWinds initially.

  • Run List Resources, change nothing and only Submit (Switch Stack poller does not have its own checkbox on List Resources page).
    Just make sure you run "Force refresh" when you are asked

    If SwitchStack poller is supported you should then see it on Manage Pollers page as "Exact match" and you can Enable it.

  • Thanks for the feedback. If I had one or two devices with this issue, then no problem, but I have 73. I'm hoping that there is another solution.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I've rediscovered devices, I've force refreshed, and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do as far as getting the Switch Stack poller to show as a match.

  • When in doubt you can also look up the snmp OID associated with that poller and confirm that your devices actually respond to it.   Can't tell you how many times someone swore to me that their device should do xyz and when we did an snmp walk the relevant oids weren't responding. 

    If they are then  's comment about just deleting and readding the nodes probably is the best solution.   Test on one and see how it goes, if it works out then export out your custom properties and the devices ips, delete the nodes, run a discovery targeting those ips and bring them back in and import the spreadsheet with the properties to fix them again. Whole process could be done in like 15m rather than spending too much time mucking around. 

  • For anyone who comes across this, note that the switch stack poller can only apply to nodes that have the "StackPort" or "StackSub-St" ports in "List Resources" of the node. Even if you have a single switch, you need to specifically manage StackPort1, and then the Switch Stack poller will show as an exact match. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to apply to 9500's as they do not have the StackPorts.