Solarwind dashboard nodes on maps show down when indeed they are up

We have noticed when  solarwinds job engine V2 is started, solarwinds server is unable to reach nodes via ICMP and SNMP. This renders data on the dashboard to show down when indeed the nodes are up. Anyone has this challenge please and how was it resolved?

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  • Hello @beasravor 

    There are several options to reduce the load on your primary poller:

    1. I am not sure what SolarWinds modules do you have in your environment, if you could tell me about it I can help you with more details, lets assume you have just SolarWinds NPM

    2. Primary poller plays an important role - its hosts the web server, it does polling and it also takes care of alerting/reporting/dashboards/integrations etc

    3. You can reduce the load in 2 ways, move your web server onto SolarWinds Additional Web Server to reduce the load on your primary poller and second one is share the polling load by adding a SolarWinds Additional Poller.

    4. I was talking about the option where you can host a SolarWinds Additional Poller and move across majority of the devices that you are monitoring onto that, this should reduce performance issues or load on your Primary poller. Licensing and cost is again tricky, if you have purchased individual SolarWinds modules you will need to purchase additional licenses for Additional Poller but if you have a SolarWinds NAM then Additional pollers are free of cost.

    5. For now i think you just have one primary poller along with a standby which does the High Availability for you. Help me with more details and I can suggest better : ) , as well note that SolarWinds suggests a max of 12000 network elements on one poller but I generally keep less than 8000 network elements on my main poller. What is a network element ? It is your nodes (devices) + interfaces + volumes in your environment on a single box.

    Hope this helps ; )

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