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Report EoL/EoS data on physical entities

As noted here and here, End of Support dates are currently not able to be reported correctly for modules, line cards, and switch stacks since only one EoS date can be entered per NCM entity.  EoS data needs to be based on the physical inventory of an entity such as a 3750 stack where stack members may have different EoS dates, and 6509 Catalyst chassis or 7206vxr routers, where specific line cards or port adapters may go EoS at a different date than the chassis.

  • Any update on this? 

    If someone has written this into a new report can they share it?

  • My team built this feature into an external Excel spreadsheet that relies on NPM inventory data.  The spreadsheet lists all devices in the NPM inventory, highlights items in yellow whose serial numbers indicate they should be replaced in the next six months, and highlights them in red if they are past due for replacement.

    If it can be done in Excel, surely it must be something SW can easily create as a scheduled report, or even as an Alert when a node reaches some threshold for EOS.

  • Also for HP/Aruba chassis.  Having this right now with v1 modules inside 5400zl's.  For inventory purposes, I need to be able to note serial numbers and models of the modules/line cards also.  Same with switch stacks.  Same fix for both I'd thing (have a "container" type switch with constituents).

  • the same is also true for Juniper routers: certain models of interface card, CPU card or other physical entity might be EOL/EOS before the whole chassis is.