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More Native Config Change Templates

The idea is to take a few config change templates from thwack, test them and make them native in NCM.

  • Support of Cisco 'install mode' switch upgrades.  This method uses 'install...' commands to automatically copy .bin files to all members in a stack, unpack the .pkg, files, update the packages.conf, and number of other automatic checks.  This is the preferred method for newer switches, and replaced the traditional 'boot system' aka 'bundle' mode upgrades for switches.

  • Support for Fortinet or the ability to create our own scripts that work.

  • perhaps some confusion here.  i believe the original FR was addressing some shared config change template being imported into ncm as out of the box.  However, this i believe has turned into more device support ouf of the box.  Potentially my fault, if i am correct in my assumptions emoticons_happy.png

  • I see that this is one of the top feature requests for NCM.  I'm curious, is the request that we build more config change templates or build more device templates?  The original request was certainly to add more config change templates, but the comments are all around device templates. I suppose one way to distinguish between the two is that adding more device templates will increase the number of vendors and devices that NCM supports, whereas adding more config change templates will improve the depth of support for the existing devices.  So, if we had to prioritize one of the two higher, which would you pick (and why?)

  • Some others I'd like to see.. along with generally better support for Juniper, but specifically:

    Juniper MX series, SRX.

    Cisco IOS (65xx/76xx) with catalyst vlan in ios mode

    Cisco ASR 1k/9k

    Cisco Nexus/CRS

    Cisco ASA 55xx/-X

    Cisco IAD24xx

    Adtran TA / Netvanta