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Fix the ability to change Config-Archive location to a different local drive

Some time back, they supposedly "fixed" being able to set a Config-Archive directory so that it would be able to be set to a network drive using network credentials.   All fine and great, but the broke our ability to change what path we might want it to be on a local drive.

Saving to a local drive doesn't require credentials.   By default, configs are saved to the C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\NCM\Config-Archive directory without you putting in any credentials.   They recommend you don't leave it there, as having it on the same drive as your operating system can cause problems if that drive fills up too much.   So, the easy fix should be to move it to another local drive, right?  Let's say you want to move it to D:\Config-Archive.   We used to be able to do this without having to obtain network credentials to do it.   However, after the change you can't save it to another local drive without putting in and using valid credentials.  You can't even move it to C:\Config-Archive, on the same drive, if you wanted too!!

Why does this matter?   Where I work, in order to get valid credentials, it would have to be a service account, because adding local accounts to the server is not allowed.   Any new local accounts might go away at any point, which would mean breaking the archiving of configs.   Service accounts are not easy to get, need all the proper permissions and such to do so, plus they expire every 90 days, and once again if you miss the expiration you've once again broken your config archiving!!

Before this "fix" we used to be able to do this without any issues.   A proposed work-around that tech-support told me to try was to put in credentials, change the directory, and then remove the credentials and it "should" leave the directory changed.   However, when this was attempted, when the credentials are removed it tells you that isn't allowed and it will set the path back to the default path once again!!

So, this "feature" to allow you to save to a network drive, basically broke our ability to save them to a local drive or path of our choice.  

This needs to be fixed!!

Not to mention at some point I had my config archive on a different drive, and when this "fix" happened, they changed the location of it without notifying me or anything?   Not happy with that either.   I was looking for an older configuration and noticed by chance that it had stopped writing to that directory some time ago.   So, for quite some time its been quietly writing to my C: drive and filling it up!!

I did post this as a discussion here if interested, but I think I covered everything in this feature request also.

 Configuration Archiving BROKEN!