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Clear Completed Jobs button for the Transfer Status screen

My feature request is to add a 'Clear Completed Transfers' to the Config Management > Transfer Status screen.

In order to verify the outcome of a script, I use the 'Show Script Results' button. However, this can become very tedious due to not being able to clear/delete previous transfers. The Transfer Status screen  allows you to set the page size to 25, 50, 75 or 100 transfers at a time. Well... what if I have 10 transfers in a job? If I'm displaying the minimum of 25 transfers then I have to select all 10 manually or de-select the unrelated other 15 transfers. My ideal workflow would be this: clear all completed transfers, execute my script or job, select all from the transfer status page and show script results.

Also, with page size of 25, my Transfer Status screen says "Displaying transfers 1 - 25 of 24767". Why would we ever want to keep 24,000 old transfer statuses?