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NCM macro for ${AgentIP} with 2022.3?


I have NCM compliance reports that run against our configurations. They worked fine until I upgraded to 2022.3. They break now because the original macro ${AgentIP} used to get the IP of the particular device IP for the config comparison, doesn't expand any more. Actually, it did expand, but only to the first IP of the list of IPs used for the job.

For instance:

       IP on the device -

Line of the regex comparison on the compliance report

       ntp server source-address ${AgentIP} 

Line of config on the device, and result:

      ntp server source-address

            - this should fail the comparison

      ntp server source-address

            - this should succeed the comparison.

After raising a ticket with the TAC, their reply was:

      After a brief review of the case, the only issue I see you brought up is that the variable "{$AgentIP}" is not working.

      This style of variable has been deprecated and you should be able to get the desired data with:"${N=SwisEntity;M=Probe.Agent.IP}"

That doesn't work either.

In fact, when I put it on the comparison, the server's SolarWinds.BusinessLayerHostx64.exe module uses 90%+ CPU, and 6GB of memory and breaks polling until I stop the services and start them again.

So, what NCM macro do I need to find the "IP of the node whose config I'm looking at now"? Remember, this is an NCM macro, it's not an email alert macro!



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