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NCM comparison criteria Regex

Im trying to figure out Regular expressions for my cisco configs. Which one of these expressions ignores a line starting with a word:

I Also need to find an expression to detect a changing date in this format:
Mon Oct 31 02:02:00.010 CDT

What expressions do you all have enabled in NCM?

  • Here is an online tool that I use for conversion:

    Using that tool to detect a change in date not time I would punch in Mon Oct 31 to the tool resulting in:


    If you wanted to check for date and time than punch in the whole line and receive:


    You might also wish to use the NCM baseline configuration to achieve a similar result to a compliancy policy rule.

    Not sure which actually ignores that line using that website I have setup a lot of regex in Solarwinds without understanding the wildcard system etc. since thank god it can remove that need for me. 

    Also note that if there are multiple occurrences of a date in the config file you will need to define the block of the config file to look in for the above mentioned date regex.

    Hope this helps you out!