Support for Juniper EX 4100


We are a Cisco shop considering the move to Juniper Ex switches.   Does anyone have any experiences they can share about how they user Solarwinds with Juniper switches?  Specially we are concerned with config back up and compliance reports.   In our current instance for Solarwinds I can't tell if Juniper is supported "Out of the Box" or are there custom scripts and thing that I have to use?

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  • I can't directly answer your query around Juniper nodes, but having got NCM working with other non-Cisco nodes then I can confirm that you can get the product working with other unsupported vendors.

    The key criteria for this is "can you access the device via CLI using SSH" and "can you back up the full config via CLI". If you can answer yes to both of those with the Juniper Ex nodes then you can create compliance reports and you can perform config backups.

  • There are some out of the box templates for juniper.  When it comes to compliance reports I usually advise my clients remove all the OOTB reports and such anyway and just build fresh reports that are actually tailored to their environment.  The OOTB ones are fine for an example what a report COULD look like, but they are a hundred miles from what I think a well thought out compliance report SHOULD look like, and by the time you clean them up to make them relevant to your own internal needs and policies you really have spent more time hacking up the default than it would have taken to just start from a blank slate and only include the things you need.