Cisco ISE backup and Restore

Is that possible to take Cisco ISE configuration backup and to restore the same backup using NCM module of cloud solarwind,?

Cisco ISE use ADE-OS as an operating system.

Need some reference document or processes to support the requirement.?

  • According to this Cisco article, both Configuration and Operational data are capable of being backed up by CLI [which is the method used by NCM].

    As the  ADE portion sits in Configuration data, then the article goes on to explain you need to issue the following CLI command:

    backup <backup file name> repository <repository name> ise-config encryption-key plain <encryption key>

    The tricky part is the bits in <> as I don't know of any way to automate that within in NCM so that it doesn't overwrite the older backups. Maybe somebody else can advise?>