Configuration Archiving BROKEN!

So, apparently on a prior release they "fixed" things and made it so you can't change the location of your configuration archive from its default location (C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\NCM\Config-Archive') in "Configuration Archive Folder Locations" without first setting up the "Network Share Settings" with custom credentials.   This is regardless of whether you want to change it to a network drive location or not.     So, if you simply want to move it to


or, in my case, move it to another local drive, such as


you can't, not without first setting up network credentials and validating them, so you can't just put in dummy creds.   

Support told me to go ahead and enter the credentials, change the archive directory location, and then remove the credential.  I did that, but when I was removing the credential, I got a requester that said this:

"You have opted to disable the use of custom credentials for granting NCM write access to the network share.  As a result, this action will reset the config archive folder and the locations where the job results are saved to their default settings.   Additionally, the export config job will be deactivated.  Please review this job and manually re-enable it if necessary.  Would you like to proceed with this change?"

Since the credential I used was only valid for one day I did it and sure enough, it set my path back, not even checking to see if it was another local drive and should still be valid.

My guess is this "fix" won't get fixed until enough people complain about it, so please complain or open tickets!!   

Another thing I'm pretty sure they broke is the "Folder Locations" part.   I'm pretty sure in the past you could have multiple locations that you stored configs to.   Otherwise why does it says "Locations" instead of location?   But, there is no way to add more than one location anymore.   Instead you go to this page, which then redirects you to another that simply gives you one choice?

I would think it would be more appropriate to have multiple locations and have the credentials tied to each location.

  • So, there is a workaround of sorts for this.  It does require editing the database directly.    Basically, if you don't have credentials entered to change the location of the config-archive, there is no setting in the database for this.   You can go and add a setting named "Config-Archive" to the NCM_NCMSettings table, and it will not only accept it, but use it.   

    So, both of the queries below were provided by support.   Query 1 is checking to see if setting(s) already exist.  If you have multiple polling engines where you changed the location, you will have multiple entries for this, one for each polling engine.  

    Query 2 adds a location for polling engine #1 for it to save the configs to, you'd need to do this for each polling engine you have.

    Query 1

    SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[NCM_NCMSettings]

    WHERE SettingName LIKE 'Config-Archive%'


    Query 2

    INSERT INTO [dbo].[NCM_NCMSettings]

    VALUES ('Config-Archive Directory','d:\Config-Archive',1)