All the NCM compliance report is stuck on last week, it shows the last update date of last week, There were no changes made on any rules and policy, Backups are also OK.

What could be reason for the Update stuck and the cache status shows the value 3 on the DB for all the reports.

Whenever am trying to view report, it gives below error.


Any ideas or solution to this.

 SW VERSION NAM - 2023.3.0

  • By stuck, do you mean that one or more reports shows the "Waiting" like its updating, or that the date is just not updating on the report?   Have you tried selecting the report and doing an "update" or an "update all" to see if it updates manually?

    The "No devices selected" tends to suggest that the policies attached to the Report don't have any devices set.    The "Cisco Security Audit" report has 5 policies assigned to it, which you can see by editing the report.   "Security Audit IP Commands",  SA Flood, Security, Services and "Security Logging Audit".  If you go into edit policies and sort by "Appears in Report", you can select the "Cisco Security Audit" report and see this.   If you edit one of them, let's say "Security Audit Flood", you should see under "Select Nodes" that by default its set to "NCM Policy Reporter selection criteria" being set to "WHERE ((NCM_Nodes.Vendor='Cisco')).    

    If you want, you can change this to be a different criteria.   For some reason this one doesn't give you a list of nodes that it produces.   If you instead do a dynamic policy, you can see what nodes it will use in the report.

    If you do decide to edit it, I'd highly recommend making a copy of it first and editing the copy instead!!

  • Thanks  , "Select Nodes" is default  ((NCM_Nodes.Vendor='Cisco')), tried creating copy of reports as well but didn't worked, but anyway problem solved by editing DB entries.

    Problem was with Caching, Policy reports Stopped Caching.

    Changed the policy reports Cache status to 0 (Zero) on DB and truncate table for NCM_policycache & NCM_PolicyCacheResults.

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