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Sflow - Aruna switches

Sflow had been configured on Aruba switch and I don’t see any traffic on netflow sources. Is there any other way to check.

port currently using is 2055. any changes required .please advise 

  • Hi,

    First step would be to check that the flows are incoming to the server. I think that WireShark is the best tool to check that.

    Let the WireShark collect the traffic on the polling engine. Then stop the collection and just filter the traffic based on port: udp.port == 2055. Now the WireShark usually does not automatically decode the UDP traffic as sFlow, so for that  you will need to click on some packet -> Decode As -> sFlow (in the column 'Current'). Of course you can match the traffic also on source IP addresses and so on.

    NTA is procesing only "Flow sample", so if the device is sending only "Counters sample" the NTA will ignore such traffic.

    WireShark is capturing the flows before the firewall, so if NTA still does not receive any flows the next step is to check the firewall configuration. Next step would be ticket to support.

    Hope this helps.