Is it possible to add a widget for a single Netflow monitored interface to the Network Summary page?

We want to monitor traffic utilization on our router interfaces facing the internet more closely, so I was wondering if there is a way to add that single interface from a router as a widget to the Network Summary page.

I know I can drill down to the specific interface in NTA, but it is much more convenient to have "in our faces" direction in Network Summary


  • Hi, if you have HCO 2023.1 or newer then this is possible with Custom Object Resource. 

    1. On a Summary page choose 'Customize Page' (pencil icon on the left sidebar' > 'Add Widgets' and add a 'Custom Object Resource' widget. 
    2. Configure the resource: Choose Object Type: Interfaces and using the 'SELECT OBJECT' choose an interfaces you are interested and click SUBMIT
    3. Then 'Select object resource' for example 'Top XX Endpoints' or other NTA charts and SUBMIT
    4. Once the chart is added to the page you can click EDIT in the top right corner of the widget and configure additional chart settings including NTA chart type, Ingress/Egress direction.