NTA Data in Dashboard Different Than Report

Hi All,

A question please.

In NTA, I've searched for the flow data for a specific IP address > interface (heavily utilised). If I look at any widget there such as the - Top 10 Applications - peak use there is e.g. 150Mbps.

When I however try to create a report for that using - Netflow Flow by IP History - and I define that same interface using Interface ID (taken from the URL of the dashboard previously mentioned), and the same IP address, the use is much lower for the same timeframe e.g. as mentioned before I'm seeing peak at 150Mbps in the dashboard widget, but when creating the report the most I see is 6Mbps.

I tried creating a similar report for a less utilised interface/IP address and the data - Netflow Flow by IP History - showed was even higher in comparison to the dashboard widget as expected (the dashboard - Top 10 Application - with a smaller graph I'm expecting more summarisation, whereas in a larger report graph am expecting less).

Has anybody come across this and might know why this occurs?

I'm looking to create a report for traffic for a specific host on a specific interface/node. 

Many thanks in advance.