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Practical Limit on Perfstack charts for FlowData

I love Perfstack and how it makes NTA reporting slick and easy. BUT I have noticed some of the perfstacks struggle to display data when more than 3 or 4 charts are in a perfstack analysis. The data is present, but only the top ten-ish percent of the graphical data is displayed. Not the top ten sources, but data above the 90ish% line, nothing but blank space below it. Other than asking why would you put more than 4 flow charts on a single page (yeah - I agree, but that is kinda the point of a perfstack.)... I am trying to display 3 interfaces, potentially with ingress and egress as I have noticed the difference in the traffic. I will probably only need ingress  moving forward, but its still a good question. To put another  way - the perfstack does not timeout, nor does data fail to load, if I scroll through the timeframe, I will see the numbers change. It is the graphical display that does not load properly after I get past 3 or 4 charts. Sorry for the rambling, but I have not found a reference to this issue elsewhere (yet). This could be a browser rendering issue even. I have created a smaller perstack analysis based on one of the problematic interfaces, and the chart displayed correctly. Anyone else noticed this? 

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