Conversation between 2 specific Endpoints is not showing in NTA

There is source x.x.x.x & Destination y.y.y.y endpoints.

checked on the Nodes configurations for the communication, we can see packets from source to destination i.e. x.x.x.x to .y.y.y.y communication is happening but can't find it on the NTA..

We can see both the endpoints having conversations, but are happening between other endpoints not between source and the Destination

which is like x.x.x.x -> a.a.a.a

y.y.y.y -> a.a.a.a

but not  x.x.x.x -> y.y.y.y

Any specific  or mandatory requirements are there for the conversations to happen in NTA.

Is there a requirement for application ports should be enabled for the conversation to happen in Manage Applications and Service Ports page for NTA?

as the source and destination ports are not found or are not enabled on the particular Manage Applications and Service Ports section while doing search.

Any suggestions or idea


  • Hi,

    NTA does not have any specific requirements for the conversations to be displayed. Based on your description you should be able to see it.

    There is no requirement for application ports. If the port is not enabled or does not have any application it will fall under "Unmonitored traffic" unless you have uncheck on NTA Setting page "Allow monitoring of flows from unmonitored ports" in which case the traffic would be dropped.

    In case that the traffic would be small traffic it could be also dropped due to Top Talker Optimization (TTO) which by default set to 95%. Usually such traffic is not interesting like few ICMP pings and so on. You can try to change it to 100% on NTA Settings page.

  • Hello  , Great, Thanks for the response, got it now.

    We didn't have the "Allow Monitoring of flows from unmonitored ports" checked.