top xx NetFlow Sources by % Utilization

Does anyone knows what is the SQL Query to retrieve the data from "top xx NetFlow Sources by % Utilization " from the classic dashboard?


  • Hi,

    I just want to point out that the utilization is not calculated from NetFlow data, but instead it is taken from SNMP polled value. The query you are looking for is:

    SELECT TOP (10) [T1].[NodeID] AS C1, [T1].[VendorIcon] AS C2, [T1].[Caption] AS C3, [T1].[GroupStatus] AS C4, [T2].[InterfaceID] AS C5, [T2].[InterfaceIcon] AS C6, [T2].[Caption] AS C7, [T2].[StatusLED] AS C8, [T2].[InPercentUtil] AS C9, [T2].[OutPercentUtil] AS C10
    FROM dbo.Netflow_AllNetFlowSources AS T3
    INNER JOIN dbo.Interfaces AS T2 ON [T3].[InterfaceID] = [T2].[InterfaceID]
    INNER JOIN dbo.NodesData AS T1 ON [T2].[NodeID] = [T1].[NodeID]
    WHERE [T2].[InPercentUtil] + [T2].[OutPercentUtil] > 0 AND [T3].[Enabled] = 1
    ORDER BY [T2].[InPercentUtil] + [T2].[OutPercentUtil] DESC, [C3] ASC, [C7] ASC