How do I make a Custom Widget that monitors Net-flow enabled interfaces on targeted devices?

Hi ,

I asking whether anyone has done a custom dashboard where you guys have a widget that only displays selected interfaces that have Net-flow enabled?  Would be also get on how you guys use SWOL to retrieve your data and display it on your custom dashboard.


  • Hi,

    For the SWQL I will recommend using SWQL Studio which is part of free Orion SDK package In the SWQL Studio you can catch queries that are executed from the website, look for entity "System.ActiveQuery". So if you will catch query for the NetFlow Sources (widget or even report) you will have an example how NetFlow interfaces are retrieved from the SWIS.

    SELECT TOP 1000 CommandText, StartTime, RowsCount
    FROM System.ActiveQuery
    WHERE CommandText NOT LIKE '%Top 1000%' AND CommandText LIKE '%NetFlow%'