NTA Top Conversations Query Bytes value formatting

I am trying to get a Modern Dashboard set up with a clone of the Top 15 Conversations NTA Widget, but I don't seem to be able to get the formatting correct - and I need a bit of a sanity check as the query results in SWQL Studio differs greatly from the actual NTA widget.

Ultimately I want the Bytes columns to display in Megabytes, or in Gigabytes if it goes over 1024 Megabytes. But I am not sure if I can format the packet count to include an M or K for Million/Thousand.

SELECT TOP 15 SourceIP as A_IP, SourceHostname as A_Hostname, DestinationIP as B_IP, DestinationHostname as B_Hostname

  , SUM(Bytes) as Bytes

  , SUM(IngressBytes) as IngressBytes

  , SUM(EgressBytes) as EgressBytes

  , SUM(IngressPackets) as IngressPackets

  , SUM(EgressPackets) as EgressPackets

  , SUM(Packets) as Packets

FROM Orion.Netflow.FlowsByConversation

WHERE Timestamp >= ADDHOUR(-1, GETDATE())

GROUP BY SourceIP, DestinationIP, SourceHostname, DestinationHostname