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custom SQL log which can triggered on by SQL event such as update/insert/delete query executed by ip

We are having data in our mysql database get immediately overwritten within seconds of queries we just ran from my IP.  It is as though big brother is watching every query and immediately (through AI) executing another counter-attack query to overwrite or change what I just ran.  Since it often occurs immediately after i run a query to update a table (and since were having 100,000 plus queries every week), we thought to  limit logging to specific tables (that I just updated) and specific query types (update/insert/delete) and even perhaps for the exact data element I was just working on updating.  Similarly to get a better total view of the crime we would also like to create a custom log of CPANEL events such as page updates saved for the same page I am working on while I am viewing the page working as an editor and see content on the page change (such as query inside the page was changed).  Asking for logging to be turned on after the fact is too late.  These scenarios are happening to our site now, and it seems the perpetrators have UNLIMITED budget to destroy our site.