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Loggly Did You Know

We’ve just announced SolarWinds is partnering with DigitalOceana cloud infrastructure provider offering cloud services to help deploy modern apps, to offer application-level monitoring to applications running in droplets with SolarWindsRegistered application performance management (APM) solutions. DigitalOcean offers built-in monitoring capabilities to track infrastructure metrics like CPU usage, disk usage, disk I/O, bandwidth, and memory at no additional charge. But monitoring the DigitalOcean infrastructure only tells half the story; you also need to monitor the applications running on top of the infrastructure. The addition of SolarWinds APM solutions to the monitoring provided by DigitalOcean extends your visibility up to applications and services.  Learn More


The SolarWindsRegistered LogglyRegistered you know is now tightly integrated with SolarWinds infrastructure and application performance monitoring (APM) powered by SolarWinds AppOpticsTm into a single-user interface.   

Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 9.20.34 AM.png

Now you can quickly and easily gather insights into your metrics, traces, and logs within a single pane of glass. This new level of integration gives you and your team the information you need to quickly and accurately troubleshoot your applications and supporting infrastructure.   Learn More

Loggly has just been enhanced to give you comprehensive visibility into your log volume usage, with several new capabilities:

We’ve also introduced extensions to alerting and endpoint support: