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AWS cloudwatch-logs-to-loggly blueprint deprecated at end of 2019

The runtime in AWS for the cloudwatch-logs-to-loggly blueprint is being deprecated at the end of this month (they are dropping support for Node 8.*). Are there any plans to update it? It looks like none of the actual syntax it uses will be deprecated, so it seems to me that the default runtime for it simply needs to be updated.

The reason I am asking this here is because I'm assuming that Loggly maintains the blueprint or coordinates with AWS to maintain the blueprint, given that they recommend it be used in Send Amazon Cloudwatch Logs to Loggly .

  • Hello,

    if you try to create new Lambda function using cloudwatch-logs-to-loggly blueprint today it already uses Node.js 12.x runtime and works just fine. You can also update the runtime in your existing function by editing it and selecting newer runtime in the dropdown.