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Integration between Loggly and Log Analyzer(or other On Prem Solutions)

Has anyone looked at integration between the cloud and Log Analyzer? Loggly is excellent, but using alerts/integrations to forward syslogs securely to an NPM/syslog, LA, or SEM installation seems like a good fit. It may sounds strange, but having the other products react to information from Loggly would be helpful. You don't need that huge on premise syslog server, because you have Loggly now. But you might like integrations. Is this just an api call back to your internal systems from Loggly? Calling out to Loggly could work also, - this would be a SAM thing, but I am not sure how useful that would be. WPM and Pingdom both could use the data from Loggly also. I know that there are some hooks to AppOptics already with Loggly. Anyone?