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Historic Association of Tags when Creating a Rule


When reviewing the new Rule creation method in LM, the use of the Tags has taken a more prominent role compared to the legacy (is it too early to call them legacy?) Syslog and Trap viewer rules.

What I would like to propose is that when creating a rule which has a Tag message as an action, that this be applied, or at least the option to apply to historic data as well.


  1. Most commonly rules/alerts are created after the reception of a message has been identified as being alert worthy. Therefore retrospectively marking historic event messages matching the criteria will allow historic analysis to be performed much easier
  2. With the ability to chart event data, seeing quantities of events received is important
  3. Reporting will be accurate across the full timescale of the log data

I appreciate this will place a greater load on the database to apply, but this is suitable work for the CLR within SQL Server.

Mark Roberts

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