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Creating roles for VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) the same as NCM, IPAM, SAM has

Hi all,

Currently any users in the environment who need to perform VNQM duties do not have the access to do so unless they are an administrator. This creates issues from a security perspective and a liability as there are users who have no interest in being administrators but need to perform VNQM duties in SolarWinds.

Because of this we can't just give a group of users VNQM access as they need it. It is interesting that VNQM does not actually have roles like most of the other modules such as NCM, IPAM, SAM and so on. I did log a support call and it was confirmed by support that roles do not exist for VNQM and there is no way to allow users to do what they need to do with VNQM without them being administrators of SolarWinds.

As a workaround we have created a local account in SW with admin access but locked down in every other way we can, such as no NCM, SAM access etc...