Free Log Analyzer Poller License Not Working - Broken By Upgrade to 2023.2

Our setup consists of Main Poller + 4x Additional Pollers + 1x Log Analyzer Poller. We have the main poller license and 5 APE licenses. Three of the additional pollers use 1 APE license each and we have one additional poller that uses 2 APE licenses to handle additional nodes. Finally there's a Log Analyzer poller configured to use the free license.

MPE - 1x License

1st APE - 1x License

2nd APE - 1x License

3rd APE - 1x License

4th APE - 2x License.

LA Poller - Free License

According to the documentation we should be able to have a dedicated Log Analyzer poller without having to buy another APE license. Use an additional polling engine with LA ( and indeed we've been running in this configuration for quite a long time.

Problem is, when we upgraded to 2023.2 the installer moved an APE license from the 4th APE onto the LA Poller. If we move the APE license back to the 4th APE and run the config wizard, the Syslog service no longer starts. If we check the Engines table in SWQL we can see that IsFree is ticked, but the services won't start. We've tried several things, reinstalled, deactivated and reactivated the LA license.

Seems like the upgrade broke the functionality of the free poller.

We have a case logged with support but often it's quicker to get an answer here.

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