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OLV - Trap processing rule for BGP with multiple peers

Hello THWACKers,

I am really struggling to get my trap processing rule to work. I have a particular switch that has two BGP peers which are not established (this is expected) so I only want to alert if the var bind called bgpPeerState is not active for two particular peer IP addresses.

I have found a couple of issues, firstly the var bind name and var bind oid both have the IP address of the peer added to the end of it

e.g. bgpPeerState. (

instead of just bgpPeerState and

This means you can only match one peer because the var bind becomes unique to that peer.

That would actually be okay if you were able to use an OR statement for the varbind but if you try to add an OR this goes ahead makes all the lines above an OR as well:

We currently only have the basic OLV, could this be related to that? Is there more granularity included with the Log analyzer?

Is there a way to accomplish this? Otherwise I will have to rely on the BGP down rule which will only trigger at the next polling interval.

I hope this makes sense!