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Feature Request - Acknowledge column in Log manager for Orion is no longer included.

After an upgrade of the NCM platform to 2022.4.1, the widget we had configured that showed specific logs on the Top 10 dashboard that were not acknowledged, stopped working. After I created a ticket and received technical support, it weas concluded that this functionality is no longer included in the product. Also, the column name "Message Type" was substituted by "Message". Due to the legacy syslog is no longer supported (it was substituted by Log Manager for Orion Nodes), the need to recreate the widget raised and we were able to verify that each time this message column is added to the conditions, the page freezes and there is no way to save the changes made. The tech support specialist could verify this in his lab as well. Please refer to ticket number 01246602 for details. This is a very useful feature, and we would like to have it back as in previous releases. 

The picture below shows the previous features: