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Ability to Identify Which Devices Are Not Sending Syslogs


I have spent the last week attempting to comb through Thwack forums as well as create a custom SQL/SWQL script that will provide me with a list of nodes that have not reported any Syslog messages in 7 days. I had opened up a ticket with Solarwinds, and they told me that my only option was to create a script.

I cannot imagine that I am the only one that would like to see this sort of information. Does there exist a way to do this other than a SQL/SWQL script?

Thank you!

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  • Thanks for your reply. We manage 3000+ nodes within SolarWinds, and it's exceptionally useful to have devices log via syslog/log viewer so that we can monitor and send alerts for anything that we deem to be critical. If a device is not successfully configured and/or reporting syslogs to SolarWinds, then I would like to be aware of this so that it can be remedied. That is why i suggested 7 days, as most devices will report at least some sort of syslog message within that time frame.

  • This SWQL query should work as you need, you can use it e.g. in a report:

    SELECT NodeID, IPAddress, Caption FROM Orion.Nodes
    WHERE NodeID NOT IN (SELECT DISTINCT le.NodeID FROM Orion.OLM.LogEntry le JOIN Orion.OLM.LogEntryType let ON le.LogEntryTypeID = let.LogEntryTypeID WHERE let.Type = 'Syslog' AND le.DateTime BETWEEN ADDDAY(-7, GETUTCDATE()) AND GETUTCDATE())

    The query checks syslogs in the database, which means that the result will be nodes which either haven't sent any syslog in the last 7 days or they are not monitored by Orion (and then it doesn't matter if they have or haven't sent anything).

  • I truthfully cannot thank you enough. Using your query and modifying it slightly to include some custom properties, I finally am able to report on exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully other people can find this as well, as I think it's incredibly useful.